Industrial Products

Industrial ProductsUsing a network of high quality, dependable suppliers developed over the last dozen years, CSS can provide our customers access to a wide array of industrial products, including, but not limited to:

Actuators, Coupling, Cylinders, Flow Meters, Gauges, Heat Exchangers, Lubricants, Pumps, Pressure Switches, Regulators, Motors & Valves
Bearings, Gasket, Bushing, Cams, Camshafts, Rings & Seals
AC/DC Motors, Clutches, Valves, Pulleys, Belt Drives, Drives, Couplings, Gear Units, Gearbox, Chain Drives, Chains & Universal Joints


Electrical & Electronics
Automation, Contactors, Enclosures, Motor Control, Starters, Capacitors, AC/DC Controls, Fuses, Panel/Switch Boards, Circuit Breakers, Controllers, Heaters, Wire, Drives, Instruments, Sensors & Transformers
Heavy Eqipment
Tractors, Excavators, Loaders, Forklifts and Cranes

Our status as a tax-exempt exporter of US manufactured goods and our long history and financially solid relationships with the very top US producers allows us to offer the best variety and quality at the lowest prices. Additionally, our in-house banking capabilities can provide financing solutions and our logistics experience – domestic trucking, delivery by air or ocean freight and all of the proper documentation, assures safe and seamless delivery to your facility every time.

Heavy Machinery